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David Wise Professional Event MC and Facilitator

My objective is always to help event organisers get the best possible outcome for their event by being well prepared behind the scenes and in control up front.

The Job Of An MC

Planning any event usually involves a considerable investment of time and money. The person who will be up front should be one of your first considerations.

Why the MC is a major factor in your event’s success.

  •  They are not the star of the show but they are the person your audience is depending upon lead them through the experience.
  • Despite your hours of planning, how smoothly your program runs will be a direct reflection of how well organised your MC is.
  • The MC has to handle every eventuality and do it publicly without the luxury of a second take.

About Me

I’m not a celebrity, media personality, or retired sportsperson. I am simply a self-employed business person who has worked hard on developing my ability to host events.

While I can’t offer you a ‘big name’, here’s what I can provide:

  • A thorough understanding of the needs of events organisers, the audience, and other stakeholders
  • An enthusiastic and engaging approach to hosting your event
  • I become part of your organising team and I do a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ behind the scenes.

10 Things I Do That Make A Difference

  1. Thorough research on your organisation, industry, speakers, performers, exhibitors, sponsors, etc.
  2. My plan for the event includes more than just the basic run sheet.
  3. I monitor and adjust the mood and pace of the event and do effective transitions between segments.
  4. I do  meaningful and informative interviews
  5. Although well prepared, I am flexible and able to think on my feet
  6. I run events to time
  7. I work easily with other event staff
  8. I do the basics like housekeeping with enthusiasm.
  9. I build up the stars of the show and don’t try to steal their limelight.
  10. I use humour sparingly and appropriately

What Other Event Organisers Have Said

In my experience as Events Coordinator, the key elements which have enabled event success for me include comprehensive planning, creative and detailed organisation, and careful, systematic communication with everyone involved. In keeping with these imperatives, we were privileged to have David Wise as our MC for the Bargara Strawberry Fair this year. With his impeccable eye for detail and his methodical, creative and thorough approach, David soon gained our confidence. His planning proceeded with purpose and precision. Going the extra mile, David contacted each performer, confirming their details and outlining his timetabling expectations for them. He also made contact with each of them prior to their performance on the day of the event. An articulate and skillful communicator, David delivered a very professional presentation for our 2013 Fair. To his credit the program progressed fluently throughout the entire day.

Beth Scott

Events Coordinator, Coral Coast Community Care Inc.

An extraordinary amount of time and effort went into planning the day long Emerging Markets Forum – planning that can come undone very quickly on the day without a polished Master of Ceremonies. Thankfully our planning included David Wise as MC who had done his ‘homework’, welcoming the Queensland Trade Commissioners to China and South Korea in their languages, not to mention pronouncing their names correctly – acknowledged by all in the audience. David also studied the background of all the speakers and their field of expertise coming across very naturally and comfortable throughout the whole day – a very accomplished MC.

Peter Peterson

Manager, Bundaberg Business Enterprise Centre

Contact Me

If you think we might be able to work together I’d love to hear from you.

David Wise

Professional MC and Facilitator

Phone: 0427 360293

Email: david@wisewords.net.au

Post: P.O box 8516, Bargara QLD 4670

Main Business Website: www.wisewords.net.au

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