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Who Is David Wise?

I am independent business person who has purposely developed a skill for hosting events and made it an integral part of my business.

That’s your guarantee that when I am working on your event, it is my first priority and sole focus.

When you are fronting an event, the hard work of a lot of people is often riding on how well you do your job. I am extremely proud of my track record of delivering exactly what’s needed for a range of events from fundraisers and trivia nights, to political forums and conferences.

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Types Of Events I Can Help You With


Use a professional MC to present your event:

  • Conferences and conventions
  • Expos and trade shows
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Gala dinners and awards nights
  • Official ceremonies
  • Promotional events


Ensure a productive discussion with a professional facilitator.

  • Forums
  • Expert panels
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Focus groups
  • Break-out sessions
  • Team building exercises

“Strong events help create strong communities.” 

Why Hire A Specialist MC?

Despite the opinions of some event organisers, the MC is one of the major reasons your event will succeed, fail, or just make people feel indifferent.

That’s because doing the job well involves more than just making announcements and doing introductions. The MC is the person who will be up front and in control, and leading the audience through the experience you have created.

The job of the MC can be described quite simply, although it’s not simple to do. In fact many MC’s have the wrong idea about this. Their job in a nutshell, is to make everyone else look good – you the event organiser, plus your performers and speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and other stakeholders.

The skills your MC will need to do that are many and varied, but will include:

  • Being diligent researchers
  • Being organised
  • Being observant
  • Being thoughtful
  • Being knowledgeable
  • Being encouraging
  • Being engaging
  • Making others feel comfortable and at ease
  • Being able to say the right the right thing at the right time whether it be funny, poignant, or practical
  • Having a strong ‘audience awareness’
  • Having good speaking skills and being easy to listen to

Your event is a journey on which the MC is the audience’s guide. They set the tone and energy levels. The audience looks to the MC to lift them, calm them, help them, inform them, and any number of other things.

The MC is also the ‘voice’ of the audience. They speak on their behalf and say the things that others are thinking or wish they could have said.

It’s not a responsibility to be taken lightly and getting a quality MC should be one of your primary considerations – not something you try to get out of as easily as possible. You should make getting a professional part of your budget.

If you’d like to talk about how to make your event the best possible experience it can be, please feel welcome to get in touch.

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What Other Event Organisers Have Said

Thank you so much for the excellent compering job you did for us for our High Tea.

Our profit for the day exceeded our expectations and I believe you were a major contributor to this end. Your professionalism was apparent in the manner with which you kept the afternoon flowing so smoothly and on schedule. Ticket sales would not have been so high without your encouragement throughout the afternoon to get the ladies to buy more tickets. Your running commentary to the fashion parade was also a major factor in maintaining audience interest in the beautiful fashions supplied by Nathan’s Boutique.

Once again thank you. I would thoroughly recommend you to any other organisation and would most definitely approach you for future functions that would require a Master of Ceremonies.

Claire Capstick

Secretary, Inner Wheel Club of Bundaberg Sunset

An extraordinary amount of time and effort went into planning the day long Emerging Markets Forum – planning that can come undone very quickly on the day without a polished Master of Ceremonies. Thankfully our planning included David Wise as MC who had done his ‘homework’, welcoming the Queensland Trade Commissioners to China and South Korea in their languages, not to mention pronouncing their names correctly – acknowledged by all in the audience. David also studied the background of all the speakers and their field of expertise coming across very naturally and comfortable throughout the whole day – a very accomplished MC.

Peter Peterson

Manager, Bundaberg Business Enterprise Centre

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